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At Huddleston Academy Live Academics we believe that quality education should be accessible to all students and families. We believe in the joy of accomplishments, the joy of discovery, and the joy of seeing students thrive in their natural abilities.

The HALA Education is a unique program motivated to aid parents in home educating their children in a reliable and cost efficient way. Parents can conveniently enroll in any of our live-taught courses, ranging from Preschool to 12th grades, and only pay a family fee (per course enrolled). This means that multiple students from the same family can take a course.


Huddleston Academy Live Academics courses are taught live in a unique virtual classroom catered to the specific needs of our teachers and students. HALA courses provide a full online learning experience in every subject area, while students are able to take advantage of having live, on-demand help and assistance. Each virtual classroom is equipped with video chat, text chat, whiteboard, share screen options, and more – creating a real sense of community.

Each HALA Teacher has prepared developmentally appropriate course materials for the students enrolled in their courses. Although the overall lesson set-up is left up to the teacher, some lesson features include:

  • interactive lessons
  • project-based assignments
  • hands-on learning
  • group-projects
  • reviews and exams
  • Google classroom extension

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Huddleston Academy Live Academics is equivalent to a private school in the sense that we are independent, non-governmental, non-state, nor administered by local, state, or national governments. Parents enroll their children in our courses for a variety of reasons, but primarily because of dissatisfaction with public schools in their area.

From the owners to the teachers, HALA seeks to prepare children not simply for the future, but their future as meaningful members of society. Although HALA is not an “official accredited school,” parents still receive a Certificate of Completion with each course completed. These certificates serve as proof of homeschooling and can even be used when developing a transcript. HALA does not issue a diploma or official transcript.

The acceptance of home education varies from state to state and country to country. Coursework complete by a homeschool student may or may not be recognized or accepted by schools, colleges, or employers, although many parents who decide to homeschool will create their own diploma when a student is ready to graduate. The U.S. military, many community colleges and universities, as well as trade schools and employers have adopted policies that recognize homeschool transcripts and diplomas issued by parents.

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We understand that homeschooling can seem overwhelming at times, and we are here to help ease the doubts, fears, and misunderstanding that parents may experience. HALA offers a team of Academic & Career Advisors who are not only knowledgeable in creating an academic plan that caters to the individual student, but they are also home educating parents who have graduated homeschooled children and specialists in certain fields of study.

They are prepared to:

  • help parents determine whether virtual homeschooling is the right option for their student(s).
  • guide parents in planning a course schedule that leads to effective learning for their student(s).
  • counsel parents in creating an academic plan that prepares the student for life beyond homeschooling.

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With over 30 teachers and 100 Fall courses available, parents can easily receive a complete virtual education through Huddleston Academy Live Academics. From core classes to electives, students can earn valuable hours toward the overall time needed for what is considered official instructional hours.

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