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Trees of Scripture Unit Study




This resource will walk your child/children through 34 tree types found in Scripture.

This is not an exhausted list but a great place to start with learning about the history of trees from a Biblical perspective.

Trees of Scripture is created in a way to encourage research and documentation. Each page has a picture for visual purposes along with prompts for researching and documenting the tree’s Hebrew name and meaning.

Research is reinforced with giving 1-2 Scriptures to look up and copy plus space for finding and writing more Scriptures.

This resource can also be used as a Biblical Nature Study! Study over the course of an entire {school} year by studying one tree per week or complete it in as little as a month and a half by studying one tree per day.

Enhance your study by going on nature walks, watching YouTube videos, Netflix documentaries, purchasing Usborne books, and/or utilizing public library books.

Please note: this product is a total of about 70 pages (front and back) and will come spiral bound. It will ship within 48 hours of order received*.


Shipping speed is determined on day order is made and received.


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